Afternoon Tutoring Sessions 

At your school or ours, we offer small group tutoring sessions in the form of fun and educational classes.
Early Readers - Small Group Tutoring (3-5 Y) and (5-7 Y)

This small group class is the perfect class for children showing an interest in letters, print, and reading. Participants explore letter recognition, phonics, word building, and application through fun games with peers. This class combines the focus of a tutoring session with the fun of learning with friends. Children will progress at their own pace, while benefiting from exposure and practice with the building blocks of reading. Activities are designed to help those who need more practice and stimulate those who are excelling. 

CLASS GOALS: Recognition – Phonics – Word Building

• Recognition of all 26 letters of the alphabet
• Recognition of uppercase letters
• Recognition of lowercase letters
• Recognition of letters in different fonts
• Matching uppercase and lowercase letters
• Correct orientation 
• Awareness of the phonetic sounds of each letter
• Identifying beginning letter sounds of words
• Recognizing the placement of letters within words (first, middle, last, double)
• Matching letter sounds with words that contain them
• Practicing how to sound out words
• Practicing letter placement to build words
• Using our ears and eyes to learn to read
• The application of reading: signs, books, information


Table One: Letter recognition activity
Table Two: Phonics, letter sounds activity
Table Three: Word Building activity
Carpet: Application - Story time with interactive activity 

NEXT SESSION: WEDNESDAYS, March 6th - April 10th. 4:00 - 4:45 PM. Sign up now! (3-5 Y)
Dynamic Doodlers - Fine Motor Skills Practice (3-7 Y)
Children receive step by step instructions for drawing simple objects, people, and animals using easy to draw shapes, lines, curves, and dots. This drawing class is not only fun for young artists, it's a great step in developing fine motor skills and control for improving handwriting. Dynamic Doodlers has the perfect mix of instruction and freestyle exploration for beginning drawers. 
Class Details:
Class duration can be 45 minutes to 1 hour to suit your needs.
Cost is $240 for an 8 week session 
15% off sibling discount is available
Class size is 3-8 students
Individual Tutoring Needs
For individual tutoring needs in reading, writing, handwriting, or homework help please contact Jodi to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.
Take a look at the fun learning activities in store for Early Readers
Take a look at the drawings and fine motor skills developed in Dynamic Doodlers

Play Groups

Parent Participation Play Group 

Have your play group meet at Wonderland Activities Center! Groups receive a private two hour time block. Time includes open play, parachute play, and a themed story time with art project. Participants are welcome to bring a snack for a sit down snack time at the end of the session. Play date accommodates 6-14 families; recommended for families with children of walking age up to 5 years. Younger and older siblings are welcome. 

Cost: $20 per family.

Take a look at our Play Date Album and get inspired.

Drop Off Play Group

Drop off your little ones (2-5 years) for some fun play time at Wonderland Activities Center while parents get together for some grown-up fun at local restaurants, taverns, salons, or for some shopping. Groups receive a private 2.5 hour time block with open play, story time, theme games, and art project. A snack is provided. Play date accommodates 6 - 12 children. 

Cost: $30 first child. $15 each additional sibling.

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To design your play group contact:


Host a Class at Wonderland

Children's Activities Center in Roscoe Village has space available for teachers, tutors, instructors, and private groups to host their own classes. 

Who: Wonderland Activities Center

Where: 1927 W. Belmont Ave.

When: M-F 2 pm - 6 pm, Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm

Cost: $60 for up to 2 hours

What: Perfect environment for a variety of children's classes - art, music, language, tutoring services, socialization groups, special needs, yoga, and infant message.

Perks: Family style restroom with adult and tiny Pee Wee potty. Changing table in room. Wheel chair/double stroller accessible. First floor. Free street parking. Locked, video com entry. Plenty of open floor space and child size tables and chairs to meet your class needs. 

Have a great class and need a space to host your activity? Contact Jodi Sexton, owner of Wonderland Activities Center, to schedule a tour to discuss how our space can meet your class needs.