Halloween Songs

I'm a Little Pumpkin
I'm a Little Pumpkin - nice and round.
I grow big and on the ground.
When I get bright orange, then I'll be,
A jack - o - lantern for Halloween!
(Tune: I'm a Little Tea Pot)
3 Black Cats
Three black cats, three black cats.
See how they fly, see how they fly.
They all climb up on a witch’s broom.
They arch their backs and away they zoom.
What a sight as they pass the moon.
Three black cats. 
(Tune: Three Blind Mice)
Scarecrow, scarecrow, turn around.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, touch the ground.
Stand up tall and blink your eyes, raise your arms up to the sky.
Clap your hands, then tap your knees, turn around and stamp your feet.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, touch your toes.
Scarecrow, scarecrow, tap your nose.
Swing your arms so very slow, now real fast to scare the crows!
Touch your head, jump up and down, now sit down without a sound. 
Trick or Treaters
Trick or treaters, trick or treaters,
Knock, knock, knock,
Knock, knock, knock.
Happy Halloween, Happy Halloween.
Walk, walk, walk,
Walk, walk, walk. 
(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Fall Session Songs

There are so many, but we'll be singing these catchy tunes quite a bit throughout the season!

The Apple Tree
Way up high in an apple tree,
Two little apples smiled at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could.
Down came the apples and boy were they good!
Leaves in the Trees
The leaves in the trees turn red and orange, red and orange, red and orange.
The leaves in the trees turn red and orange, in … the … fall.
(additional verses: "turn brown and yellow," " fall to the ground," "blow in the wind")
(Tune: The Wheels on the Bus)
Leaves Falling Down
All the leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.
All the leaves are falling down.... to ... the ... ground!
(Insert leaf colors: "red leaves are falling down")
(Tune: London Bridge is Falling Down)
Who Paints the Leaves?
Jackie Jack Frost climbs the trees.
Jackie Jack Frost paints the leaves.
Jackie Jack Frost has such fun, 
Painting fall leaves one by one!
Now I know just why I see,
Pretty colors in the trees. 
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle)
The Frisky Little Squirrel
Oh, the frisky little squirrel, he gathers nuts and seeds. 
He hides them for the winter months so he'll have all he needs.
Oh, up up up he goes, and down down down he comes.
He runs around, goes up and down, his work is never done!
(Try to move really fast with the song)
(Tune: The Grand Old Duke of York)

Songs We're Singing

Everyday Classics

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Row Row Row Your Boat
Wheels on the Bus
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Old McDonald

Circle Time Songs

Pickety pickety bumble bee, will you say your name for me? 
Name, name, that's her name.
Friends, friends 1, 2, 3 all my friends are at circle with me.
List names while clapping to "Name's my friend...")
Let's all clap for circle time,
Circle time, circle time.
Let's all clap for circle time.
We'll have fun today. 
Look who came to circle time,
Name, Name.
Look who came to circle time.
Name is here. 
Let's all tap together, together, together.
Let's all tap together, because it's fun to do. 
Let's all tap our knees, our knees, our knees
Let's all tap our knees, because it's fun to do. 
(continue with clap our hands, pat our heads, etc.)

Clean Up Song

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere.
Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. 

Transition Songs

Friends, friends, one, two, three,
All my friends come play with me. (or insert specific activity)
Now it's time to go do art, go do art, go do art. (insert next activity)
Now it's time to go do art at the blue table. (insert location)